YEP Says, We need to tighten borders to beat the human traffickers

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...and hero Kate’s Twitter troll plumbs new depths

ONE of the fastest-growing criminal industries in the world, at the heart of human trafficking is the exploitation and control of the vulnerable, who are forced to endure often unimaginable hardship as a result. Essentially, it offers proof that slavery is not just alive, but thriving.

The difficulty in combating this scourge is that its victims are often hidden in plain sight. They walk the streets, staff local shops, work in restaurants and are trapped in brothels. Now society is waking up to the scale of this menace. A couple of months ago 41 suspected victims were rescued in the biggest operation of its kind in West Yorkshire. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Now a dedicated unit of detectives has been formed to tackle slavery gangs, working both locally and nationally to target organised crime lords seeking to traffic people into the county.

A step in the right direction, it follows Theresa May’s draft bill on modern slavery which has finally acknowledged the scale of the issue and the need to address it.

As laudable as this is, however, the first line of defence against such criminals is to ensure that they find it all but impossible to illegally smuggle people into this country in the first place. Until Britain shores up its porous borders, the war on human traffickers will be next to unwinnable.