YEP says: We could all benefit from a consumer break

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BOXING Day sales don’t seem to be what they used to be.

Whilst Leeds was as busy as a normal day, and there were some shops opening their doors to a queue of people, there was not the frenzy of bargain-hunting as in yesteryear.

It may be a result of increased online shopping - why traipse into town when you could sit at home and click a few buttons to bag a bargain to be delived to your door?

Many shops discounted goods before Christmas anyway and with the UK embracing the US import of black Friday sales we’ve already had more than enough enticements to part with our cash in the past couple of months.

The people coming into Leeds yesterday were by-and-large looking forward to a good day’s shopping but there were more than a few disappointed faces when they found the doors to John Lewis firmly closed.

John Lewis has a reputation as one of the best employers to work for and the company allows its employees to have Boxing Day off.

Economists are warning of a tough 2018 - so it’s unlikely we’ll see others follow suit. And yet, in this 24-hour digital world a proper shut-down of commerce for a couple of days feels like something we could all benefit from - it’s unlikely to be part of post-brexit world but would mean more to many families than a blue passport!

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