YEP Says: We are proud of our Olympians for Rio successes

Nicola Adams celebrates victory over Ukraine's Tetyana Kob. PIC: PA
Nicola Adams celebrates victory over Ukraine's Tetyana Kob. PIC: PA
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OUR SPORTING success seemingly knows no bounds.

Nicola Adams, Jack Laugher, Katy Marchant and Nile Wilson succeeding, it really has brought the whole competition to life for us all. And that’s before the Brownlee brothers, superstars of triathlon, have competed. And Jonny Brownlee believes he is in better shape than ever to compete.

But another Leeds triathlon competitor, Gordon Benson, believes Rio will be put in the shade.

Basically, the atmosphere achieved by the Leeds audience when the city hosted Columbia Threadneedle World Triathlon Leeds earlier this year will be hard to match by any city - including Rio.

But we have to remember that it is not just about the competitors: we must also acknowledge the help given by families, friends, coaches and support network. Without their help, none of our new-found heroes and heroines would have stood a chance of getting to Rio. Footballers should take note: those highly paid sportsmen are eclipsed by these Olympians who have trained so hard for years for their chance to achieve sporting glory.

Whatever success our competitors achieve in the rest of the Olympics, we can be proud of them and the glory they have reflected on our city.