YEP says: UK’s global air reach needs transport infrastructure

Is it right for Heathrow to be expanded?
Is it right for Heathrow to be expanded?
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DAVID Laws, chief executive of Leeds Bradford Airport has joined criticism of what he calls “reckless and dangerous scaremongering” about the impact of the expansion of Heathrow airport in London.

MPs are due to vote on the third runway scheme, which is not without controversy, later this summer. But last week a Commons committee’s analysis of official projections warned Leeds Bradford Airport could lose 4,449 international fights a year by 2030, if the expansion went ahead.

But Mr Laws, and the heads of 40 airports UK airports disagree. They have sent a letter both supporting the scheme and condemning any scaremongering saying: “As operators of airports, we understand aviation economics and we understand that Heathrow expansion is the right choice for our strategic growth.”

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, worries the knock-on effect of the extra passengers at Heathrow could be that “a substantial new transport infrastructure is required to cope, thereby locking in London’s claim over the future transport capital budget.”

Now that would be a concern. Rather than allowing London to suck up the money for transport infrastructure spending we need to look at how we’re going to best connect cities (and our airports) together - the UK’s global reach depends upon it.