YEP says: Transport plan - Is it a revolution or reinventing the wheel?

Buses in Sheffield
Buses in Sheffield
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Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority have set out their plans to transform the future of public transport in Leeds.

These include improving road connections to the city centre, increasing the number of bus passengers and building a mass transit system.

Council transport chief Coun Richard Lewis made it quite clear that mass transit system did not mean a tram. “We have actually been asking people what they want. This is not just us lot hiding ourselves away and coming up with new ideas,” he said, saying there was a revolution going on in transport.

Whether this turns out to be a revolution for Leeds or just reinventing the wheel remains to be seen.

The devil is in the detail and so far this plan lacks an awful lot of detail.

What it will need to do is join up, fairly and squarely, with improvements to the rail network - not just the talked-about and long overdue station revamp.

Leeds station is one of the busiest in the country, and is crucial to the economic viability of the city.

Today’s survey of passengers, the latest collaboration between the region’s newspapers (including ours) to maintain public pressure on the Government, shows a third of Yorkshire train passengers found no seats or experienced significant delays in the past two months.

We want transport funding in the north to match the south. Why shouldn’t we? The north should not be a second class citizen for transport or anything else.