YEP says: Time for someone to do their duty and report despicable thieves who stole from WWII veteran

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TRibutes poured in yesterday for Mary Ellis, a pioneering aviator who was one of the last surviving female World War II pilots, who died aged 101.

She helped deliver Spitfires and bombers to the front line as part of the UK’s Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) during the war.

Whilst not all war veterans have such claims to fame as Mary, they all have their stories to tell.
One such man is decorated World War II veteran Robert Noble. The 93-year-old who was so keen to do his duty for his country he signed up at 17.

As a society and a nation we have much to thank our soldiers, sailors and air crew for. On November 11 we remember them with silences, and on Remembrance Sunday there are parades, wreathes are laid and services held. This year they will be more poignant than ever as we mark 100 years since armistice day.

All of this makes what has happened to Mr Noble all the more sickening.

Whoever tricked their way into his home and stole his box of treasured possessions has taken away irreplaceale memories from someone who was willing to lay down their life to safeguard peace and freedom for them.

Somebody must know who took these items. It’s time for them to do their duty and report them to the police so that Mr Noble can be reunited with his possessions.

£5,000 reward offered for information to help reunite Mr Noble with his treasured possessions