YEP Says, Those who want to shut Leeds’s heart unit should read Ella’s story

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...and Tom’s wartime tale is a real ripping yarn.

LITTLE Ella Louise Newson-Smith had a lot of people rooting for her as she battled from birth to overcome serious heart problems.

During her treatment at the Leeds children’s heart surgery unit she was blessed by the Archbishop of York, while her plight touched the hearts of readers when she was pictured on the front of the YEP.

Tragically, Ella was just five months old when she died during her sleep after being released from hospital following no fewer than six operations.

Thoughts are with Ella’s mum and dad Hannah and Jamie as they try to come to terms with the loss of their little girl , while at the same time raising vital funds for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

Earlier this month, Jamie ran the York 10k to boost support for children and families who face living with congenital heart defects.

Those health officials who want to shut the Leeds unit at LGI would do well to take note of Ella’s story.

As terrible as the ordeal was for Hannah and Jamie, at least they only had to travel a short distance to be by their little girl’s side rather than having to trek up and down to Newcastle – which is where it’s proposed the region’s children’s heart surgery should be based.

Those officials should also note the determination of Ella’s parents to support the Leeds unit in every way they can. They understand its importance to Yorkshire families, even if certain health bosses don’t.

Tom’s wartime tale is a real ripping yarn

THE courage of those men who served in the First World War is simply breathtaking.

Tom Taylor was a tailor’s son from Harehills who in 1914 found himself on the killing fields of Ypres.

After capturing three German soldiers single-handed, he was wounded and invalided out of the Army. Only Tom had other ideas. “They said I was done with fighting,” he later recalled. “But I knew better.”

He duly travelled to America to join up and returned to the Western Front under the command of a certain Harry Truman, becoming firm friends with the future US president after the war.

What a story. What a man.

Samuel Saiz.

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