YEP says: The Grinch couldn’t steal Christmas from lovely Leeds folk!

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THe Grinch may have stolen Christmas in the Dr Seuss books but the miserly creature would have got short shrift had it come to try and take it from the people of Leeds.

When toys left for underprivileged kids were taken from a Seacroft Church local people reacted by bringing in bags of new toys and gifts.

What would make anyone break into a church and steal and vandalise presents left for vulnerable children beggars belief. But the response restores one’s faith in humanity.

The young mum who organised the Christmas gift selection was “overwhelmed” with the contributions from Leeds folk Sammi herself is an inspiration, giving her time to this project, and to help fed the homeless every week. It is so heartwarming that the good in people has outweighed the few bad applies.

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