YEP says; Suffrage did not end the struggle for equality

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Women in Yorkshire have always been a pretty powerful, vocal and tough lot.

The YEP is delighted that some of the inspirational women who have blazed a trail through history are being celebrated in our city in an exhibition called Woman’s Place?

As well as namechecking some famous women and marking some momentous events the exhibition will also celebrate the quiet heroism of ordinary women.

Leonora Cohen may not be as famous a name as Emmeline Pankhurst, but she was a real firebrand in the struggle for women’s rights. We owe her a debt of gratitude for her fortitude, tenacity and strength in speaking out for her beliefs no matter what the cost to herself.

Women in Leeds have always worked - in the many mills and factories that are now part of a proud heritage.

Without this dedicated workforce Leeds would not be the city it became, nor the city it is today.

How ironic, therefore, that 100 years on from the success of the suffragette movement we are still talking, debating and fighting for equality of pay and opportunities for women.