YEP Says: Such laughable claims are lodged over sonic booms

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RAF jets caused sonic booms when they flew over Yorkshire on May 2.

You may have heard them. They sounded like two distant explosions and caused a fair amount of interest.

But now the inevitable has happened. People whose homes were ‘damaged’ have now lodged insurance claims with the Ministry of Defence.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Our airmen were reacting to an Air France passenger jet which had failed to respond to radio communication.

In the current climate, the RAF can’t take chances so Typhoons were scrambled.

Houses shook, no doubt, and windows may have rattled as the RAF met the Air France jet and accompanied to Newcastle Airport. That, you may suppose, would be the end of the crisis.

But figures obtained by our sister title, the i newspaper, have found claims have been submitted to the MoD for damage to windows, roofs, ceilings and, believe it or not, a fish tank.

If this was not a serious matter, it would be laughable. What is the RAF supposed to do? Slow down to save goldfish? Can you imagine such claims during the Battle of Britain or D-Day?

As one of our readers says on the letters page today: “I have an absolute hate of the whole ‘claim for anything’ life, that we live in now.” We totally agree.