YEP Says, September 3: Injuries underline why it’s time Leeds became cycle-friendly

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...and it’s a dog’s life for rescued Captain Scruff

THE fact that more people are cycling on our streets than a decade ago means it’s perhaps hardly surprising that the number of cyclists being injured has gone up.

What is fairly shocking, however, is just how many are now being hurt – nearly one for every week of the year. And we’re not just talking about a few cuts and bruises. Often these are people who have needed hospital treatment for very serious injuries.

It confirms something that those who rely on pedal power to navigate their way round Leeds have known for a long time. This is not a cycle-friendly city.

That may make it no different to many other major cities in this country, but it’s high time it changed.

The unbridled success of the Tour de France’s visit will only encourage even more people to get on their bikes, which makes the need to make cycling safer even more pressing.

The Leeds Cycle Network being put together by the city council should help – but even that has been criticised because part of its route is blocked by bollards and road signs.

It underlines just how much thinking needs to change when it comes to the way we view cycling – not least among other road users.

While it’s true that not all cyclists cover themselves in glory in terms of obeying the laws of the road, unless there is greater awareness and respect shown to those on two wheels, those injury figures will continue to rise.

Picking up the pieces after animal neglect

LOOKING at the pictures of Captain Scruff – the dumped mutt taken in by Leeds Dogs Trust – it’s hardly surprising his rescuers couldn’t tell which end was which.

Thankfully, the 10-year-old is now cleaned up and looking for a new home, which we hope he’ll find.

The turnaround is testament to the tireless work of those at the city’s Dogs Trust centre who manage to rehome scores of dogs each year, with no healthy animal ever being destroyed.

Sadly, with recent figures showing West Yorkshire has the worst animal cruelty statistics in the country, their efforts are needed more than ever.


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