YEP Says, September 10: Common sense over travellers’ site – but issue won’t go away

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...and the greed that’s fuelling surge in cable thefts

LOCAL councils are frequently placed in a no-win situation by the Government when it comes to the contentious issue of allocating land for travellers.

Leeds City Council has been told it must provide 62 pitches for such a use, but this then puts the authority in conflict with residents who, almost invariably, don’t want them to be on their doorstep.

It would be easy to dismiss such objectors as being “nimbys” – but often there are good reasons for their opposition, as is the case with the land opposite a city primary school that was earmarked for such a site.

Residents in Hunslet were concerned that if the land was allocated to traveller caravans, it would sabotage their chances of securing the plots either side of the site for a green space and community garden for local schoolchildren.

The land sits directly across the road from Hunslet Carr Primary School, which has 430 pupils but no playing fields.

Thankfully, and to their credit, councillors have listened and have narrowly voted against the plan while they wait to see if the Government approves the planned expansion of the Cottingley Springs site. This is good news for local youngsters who deserve outdoor space where they can play and explore.

Yet with opponents to the Cottingley Springs plan saying what is needed are more, smaller sites dotted around the city, this issue looks set to run and run.

Greed that’s fuelling surge in cable thefts

IT is staggering the lengths some people will go to in order to avoid earning money the honest way.

Once again there has been a surge in the theft of power cables around West Yorkshire with more than 350 instances so far this year.

Just last week people in Garforth, Micklefield and Kippax were left without power after more than 600 metres of cables were stolen.

Police warn that stealing power cables can result in serious injury or death. But those who carry on doing it are either too stupid or too greedy to take any notice.

Some might say that if they do come a cropper, they are only getting their just desserts.

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