YEP Says (Sept 2): The cost of failing in the NHS is far more than beds

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nearly 100 patients were left lying in hospital beds in Leeds last week when they were ready to go home because our NHS system cannot work efficiently.

That equates to £500,000 that could have been spent improving the health of sick people who, ironically, are being deprived treatment because there isn’t a bed available to them.

This is not the fault of the hospitals in Leeds and is not the fault of the community health care system. It is the fault of a failed system.

The worst thing is the predictability of it. It is widely predicted this situation will get worse as the winter approaches and more elderly people find themselves in hospital.

But it isn’t just confined to the elderly. There is a multitude of reasons why people who have recovered sufficiently from their hospital treatment cannot be discharged.

And meanwhile, there are other patients who cannot get the treatment they need as a result. So while the hospitals may put a figure of £500,000 from the beds that are tied up, the real figure is so much more – from the people who cannot work because they can’t be treated.

It is too easy to say this needs sorting, but sorting it needs. And no-one appears able to do it.