YEP says: Seacroft residents right to expect action over eyesore pub building

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THREE cheers to the community in Seacroft for coming together to tackle an eyesore pub.

They said they were fed up of living next to an eyesore - The Gate pub which had been empty for four years. The Kentmere Avenue pub, has been targeted by vandals throwing doors out of the windows, fly-tippers and residents say drug addicts are also using the building. At one time it was a thriving local with its own football team and even a Karate club.

One 82-year-old neighbour told the YEP: “I pay my poll tax and income tax and I don’t want to live next door to something like that, why should we? We look after our own houses.”

She’s got a fair point, who would want to live next door to such an eyesore?

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Walking around Leeds one can see areas of similar blight - the odd building here and there which clearly belongs to someone who has neither the money or the desire to do something with it. In the centre of the city such buildings are more difficult to spot - they can get lost among the other shops, bars and restaurants. They are bad enough but when this is next to your home, a home you take pride in, this is not acceptable.

Leeds city Council says it is aware and working with the leaseholder to find a positive solution for the site- let’s hope it’s a swift one, if not enforcement action should be taken.