YEP Says: Science fact at Leeds General Infirmary which we can be proud of

Chris King.
Chris King.
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it sounds like science fiction but the latest breakthrough in the health service in Leeds is actually science fact.

The first person in the country to have a double hand transplant is a Yorkshireman and the surgery took place at the Leeds General Infirmary.

The recipient, Chris King, says it makes him feel ‘whole again’. He now looks forward to holding a bottle of beer and wearing shirts with buttons.

What fantastic news for Chris and what a fillip it is for Leeds, coming three years after Mark Cahill had a single hand replaced.

We take for granted sometimes the expertise of our medics in Leeds, not just the surgeons but the ranks of caring staff who make this miracle a possibility.

“I couldn’t wish for anything better,” he says. “It’s better than a lottery win because you feel whole again.”

And with typical Yorkshire humour, Chris says the accident happened just after he had learned to stop biting his nails.

And he is forthright too with his hopes for more donors to come forward to make such life-changing surgery possible for other people.

Chris is back at work and loving his new life. Thanks to all at LGI who made this possible and let’s hope more people will at least consider becoming a donor.