YEP Says: Recycling should be encouraged by help and advice

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if there is anything guaranteed to make a Leeds person’s blood boil, it’s the bin collection service.

Leeds City Council has a massive job on its hands emptying hundreds of thousands of bins each week and, as our readers will testify, they don’t always get it right.

So the council’s decision to try to persuade more of us to be better at recycling could be problematic. Yes, recycling is good. And yes, we should recycle more for the good of our planet. So we applaud the council’s decision to help us to be greener.

But the issuing of fines to people who fail to recycle should be a very last resort for those who flout the rules. We hope and expect those sorts to be very much in the minority.

We feel sure Leeds City Council will focus on help, education and advice to help us to be more environmentally friendly.

The council has already looked to modernise and improve its communications with residents, introducing the “what goes where” tool and piloting a new bin app to help communicate with householders.

The council plans to spend £250,000 on the recycling education programme. If it is well-targeted and sensible, that will surely be money well spent.

And we hope the site of a council jobsworth issuing fines to people will be a very rare sight indeed.