YEP Says: Our Leeds will not let hate win out over community

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THE RISE of hate crimes in the wake of the recent political crises is shocking.

There were calls for a new kind of politics in the wake of the divisive referendum campaign and the appalling death of MP Jo Cox.

But sadly, we report today how far-right leaflets have been distributed in parts of West Yorkshire which seem intent on deepening divisions in our society. So much for gentler politics of measured tones and kindness.

We hope, fervently, that our vibrant city which is what it is because of its diversity and multi-cultural heritage, will lead by example and work and strive and drive for unity and community in these uncertain times.

For generations the people of Leeds have shown the way. Yes, we have not been without our troubles – yet only by uniting across communities and across cultures can we create a safe, prosperous and welcoming society – a place where people will want to come and live and work.

We welcome that 16 MPs from Leeds and other parts of Yorkshire have issued a call for calm and reason. In a letter, Labour’s Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff says “the discord we have seen in recent days poses a real and tangible challenge on our streets”.

Now is the time to pull together and hold hands across our communities. This is a challenge which the people of Leeds will surely meet.