YEP Says, October 6: Astonishing courage of OAPs who took on crossbow robber

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...and winning teams prove city is home of champions

CONFRONTED by a crossbow-wielding robber who appeared in one of their back gardens demanding cash, a pair of pensioners reacted in a way that, let’s face it, the vast majority of us wouldn’t.

When Pawel Kurek fired the weapon at one of them and then started reloading, the 73-year-old on the receiving end reacted by tackling him to the ground.

Kurek responded by grabbing him round the neck and squeezing so hard his victim feared he would lose consciousness.

At this point his friend – nine years his senior at 82 – came to the rescue with a garden hoe, telling his wife to call the police as he waded into the melee.

The courageous pair – commended in court yesterday for their actions – have asked not to be named and the YEP respects their wishes.

But they should know that their bravery in confronting this thug has won them the respect of people across Britain.

Kurek’s lawyer said he desperately needed cash to visit his daughter in his native Poland after she was involved in a road accident.

But nothing can justify terrorising pensioners in their own gardens. He deserves to serve every day of his six-year sentence.

Now let’s hope that the Home Secretary heeds the judge’s recommendation that Kurek should be ejected from Britain as soon as his stint behind bars is up.

Teams prove city is the home of champions

AS SPORTING summers go, the one Leeds has just enjoyed was little short of a dream.

Not only did the city stage the greatest Grand Depart in the history of the Tour de France, but Leeds Rhinos finally broke their Wembley hoodoo to life the Challenge Cup.

This was swiftly followed by Yorkshire becoming county cricket champions for the first time in well over a decade.

Both teams were given the honour of a civic reception last night – and rightly so.

Their achievements make us all proud to hail from Leeds – the home of champions.

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