YEP Says, October 29: Wrangle over heart unit’s future a worry for all its supporters

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...and nuisance neighbours have been given fair warning

THE more detail that emerges about the process that will decide the fate of children’s heart surgery in Leeds, the more troubling the overall picture becomes.

NHS bosses took the shock decision to close the LGI-based unit after concerns were raised by surgeons in Newcastle, at a time when the future of both sites was under discussion.

Operations in Leeds were suspended for a week while investigations were carried out before the all-clear was given.

That’s not to say that there wasn’t room for improvement. But it’s important to note that almost all the recommendations that have now been made at the end of a comprehensive review are to be adopted nationally, not just in Leeds.

The measures, which demand better record keeping and closer communication with families, are to be welcomed. But the key thing is that the Leeds unit has been shown to be safe and the decision to shut it increasingly looks like a knee-jerk reaction based on dodgy data.

Against this backdrop it is not difficult to see why campaigners fighting for the Leeds unit to stay open fear that the odds are stacked against them.

Whatever the final outcome – even if it ends up being good news for the city – the abiding sense will be that this shake-up of children’s heart surgery around the country has been handled extremely poorly.

Nuisance neighbours given fair warning

THE response from YEP readers to the decision to issue Asbos to nine students whose house party kept neighbours awake was wholly in favour of this no-nonsense approach to tackling such behaviour.

But ideally things wouldn’t get that far – people would stop before their actions brought misery to others and resulted in a day at court.

So it is to be hoped that the pro-active step of council and police officers visiting properties to warn potential revellers to keep in line will pay off.

It’s not the first time it’s been tried. But crucially this time there has been action to back up their words.

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