YEP Says, October 29: Time to make revellers clean up after themselves

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And not before time, some might say.

Pity the poor shopkeeper or landlord who has to clear up after those thoughtless idiots who choose their doorway in which to relieve themselves after a night on the town.

Anyone walking through Leeds city centre the morning after the night before can’t miss seeing weary shop workers having to sluice down porches and doorways with buckets full of of detergent-strengthened water before opening time.

It’s a disgrace, really. And now those responsible are about to start having to get their own hands dirty.

Revellers caught urinating in the street, doorways and alleyways, are to be put on patrol with Leeds City Council’s cleansing department. That’ll show them - having to clean after someone else’s mess in the cold light of day has to be a short, sharp shock all of its own.

After all, we want to we encourage people to live and work in this great city of ours, not be put off by what they see out of their apartment window of an evening?

Quite rightly though, the judicial system shouldn’t be clogged up with cases of what the police would describe (appropriately enough) as ‘low level activity’ but, as our story mentions today, it is important that some means is found of making perpetrators answerable for their actions. The process is called ‘community resolution’ - a rather clumsy way of saying ‘payback time’ - but in truth, we don’t care what it’s called as long as those caught in the act (as it were), start to appreciate the impact of their thoughtless acts.

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