YEP Says, October 27:

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...and Voice of Leeds debate will move city forward

WHEN something is legal, it’s all too easy to make the mistake of thinking it’s safe and won’t do you harm.

In the case of so-called legal highs, it’s a mistake that can end up costing you your life.

You can’t really be sure of what’s in a legal high that you’ve bought, or been given, or what effect it’s likely to have on you.

Often those who produce them market them as “incense” or “plant food” in order to get round the law.

Their names are designed to sound like they amount to little more than a bit of harmless fun.

But they contain chemical substances which produce similar effects to illegal drugs like cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy.

These new substances aren’t controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 so there is often not enough research about them to know how potent they are or how they reacty when mixed with alcohol or other substances.

Many of them have been directly linked to poisoning, emergency hospital admissions, mental health problems and, in some cases, deaths.

It’s why everyone – whether they be police officers or nightclub owners – must stay vigilant and be able to spot the signs that someone is inder the influence.

Ultimately, however, the responsibility rests with the individual. And they should be under no illusions that taking a legal high is a massive gamble.

Voice of Leeds debate to move city forward

WHEN we launched our Voice of Leeds survey we knew it would spark some lively debate.

But we wanted to make sure that the views of our readers were put to those in a position to act on them.

That’s why we are holding a public debate next month where readers will be able to quiz the authorities on everything from crime and debt to transport and community matters.

There will also be a series of summits next year to address some of the key issues.

We hope you will take the chance to join us at one of these events and have your say on how we as a city can go forward, together.

First buses.

YEP says: WE need to change our attitude to bus travel