YEP Says, October 25: Our survey is giving Leeds the chance to make itself heard

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...and ministers are on the wrong track if they stop at HS2

IF the fact that thousands of YEP readers took part in our groundbreaking Voice of Leeds survey was impressive, then the response to its findings has been nothing short of remarkable.

The idea behind the survey was to start a full and frank debate about what the city does well and what it needs to do better.

It has done just that, with our week-long analysis of the key results prompting a flood of responses.

Views have poured in from every corner of the city, with readers having their say on key issues such as crime, transport and sport and leisure facilities.

We have printed plenty of them today and they provide much food for thought.

This is exactly what the Voice of Leeds survey set out to achieve – giving the people of our great city the chance to have their say on the things that really matter to them.

Because if anyone knows how to make Leeds even better, it’s them.

But this is only the start. Now we’re going to take your comments and ideas and use them as the basis for a wider debate.

We have the opportunity, together, to make changes that will improve the lives of everyone lucky enough to call Leeds home.

Thanks for getting on board.

Ministers are on the wrong track if they stop at HS2

BRINGING high-speed rail to Leeds may be seen by some as a waste of money, but any potential benefits it could yield risk being wasted without investment to the rest of the local rail network.

Too many routes are served by slow, outdated and overcrowded trains.

And the irony is that passengers keep being charged more for the privilege of using them.

It’s why local council leaders are right to make it clear to ministers that HS2 alone isn’t enough.

If their intention really is to deliver a better rail network in the region then they must provide a fast, reliable and affordable service for everyone.

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