YEP Says, October 22: The big questions we must answer to keep city moving forward

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...and how wearing a poppy helps the living as well as honouring the fallen

TRANSPORT is one of the biggest issues in Leeds. As the city continues to grow, the task of travelling from A to B becomes trickier.

Of course, every large city has congestion. But the difference is that most of them have systems in place to mitigate its impact.

Leeds, as we all know, has fought for decades to secure the sort of transport infrastructure that has worked so well elsewhere. It lost Supertram, and our Voice of Leeds survey shows the majority of respondents are not sold on Trolleybus.

Transport chief James Lewis seems to put this scepticism down to people being “concerned when you change infrastructure”.

Those opposed to Trolleybus would insist they simply don’t think it will offer value for money.

And given that its backers don’t know if it will cause congestion to increase or decrease, it’s easy to understand why some wonder if it’s worth pursuing.

Then there is the legacy of the Grand Depart to consider and the increasing number of cyclists on the city’s roads. Will the new cycleway be safe and convenient enough to encourage even more people to take to two wheels?

Leeds has some big decisions to make in the coming months and years. If we’re going to get them right then we need to have an open debate in which every voice being heard. The road starts here.

Poppies honour fallen and help the living

FIRST and foremost, we see the act of wearing a poppy as one of remembrance. And, in the year that we mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, it’s right that we continue to honour those who sacrificed so much for this country.

But the Poppy Appeal is not just for the dead, it’s also for the living. Colin Butler has struggled to cope with civilian life since serving in the Gulf War and work and money have been hard to come by.

Without financial help from the Royal British Legion, his family would have been on the street.

It’s another good reason why we should all buy a poppy and wear it with pride on November 11.

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