YEP Says, October 16: Punishing the fans isn’t fair game Mr Cellino

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So Massimo Cellino cocks a sulky snook at the Football League - and it’s the fans who are paying the price.

It’s hardly ‘Marching On Together’ is it?

Little wonder that vast swathes of Whites fans - let’s remember they do make up the biggest away following in the Football League, aren’t exactly over the moon with Cellino after he decided to start limiting away ticket sales to 2,000 per fixture in response to the League’s rescheduling of games for television coverage. Cellino has called on the Football League to rethink the way that they select games for broadcast, claiming Leeds fans are being “exploited”.

Furthermore, he has said that the cost of games being on television is damaging the club’s finances. Incredibly he also suggested fans needed to reconsider their continued away support, calling for “silence” away from home to send a message to the governing body.

Sorry Cellino. It’s not in their DNA.

Fans are rightly frustrated with Sky’s attitude, and with the Football League’s response to it, no question. But this is no way to handle it. Over the last few seasons, with the club struggling to make an impact in the league, away games have provided solace for the fans. They are a guaranteed day out with like minded people, and win, lose or draw, are guaranteed to be fun. And fun is something that has been rationed out at Leeds over the last decade.

As our chief football writer Phil Hay said on social media yesterday: “The general consensus seems to be that Sky are taking liberties, the Football League are letting them, but Cellino’s strategy is all wrong. A mess.’

A mess indeed.