YEP Says, October 14: Test will be getting private investors to buy into South Bank

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...and fundraising for city hospices won’t stop

FOR too long the potential of south Leeds has been left untapped. Once the engine room of the Industrial Revolution, large areas have lain undeveloped for decades, with little prospect of any meaningful rebirth.

What has been so patently lacking is a coherent long-term plan to rejuvenate this part of the city, one with so much to offer, and provide a realistic strategy for its return to prosperity.

That started to change a few years ago when the council began tentatively sketching out how large swathes of the so-called South Bank could be transformed into a thriving part of 21st century Leeds.

More meat has now been put on the bones, with changes to reflect what has happened in the area in the intervening period.

It is a plan that, crucially, goes beyond simply building on the success of the Round Foundry and the opportunity provided by the new southern entrance to Leeds train station.

But public money can only go so far. Ultimately, this masterplan will stand or fall on the amount of private investment that the council and its partners can coax into the area.

That is where energies must now be channelled in order to ensure that these ambitious plans make the transition from drawing board to reality – and that this part of the city gets the rebirth it is long overdue.

Fundraising for city hospices doesn’t stop

THANKS to all those who gave up 30 minutes of their time to support our Hospice Half Hour campaign.

We asked you to put aside half an hour and use it to do anything you wanted as long as it raised some money to boost our Half and Half Appeal.

Scores of you responded in fantastic fashion with everything from bake sales to sponsored silences being held in order to boost the amount handed over to the city’s two hospices – St Gemma’s and Wheatfields.

But just because Hospice Half Hour has finished, it doesn’t mean the fundraising has to stop. We still want to break the £3m mark – and anything you can do to help us will be greatly appreciated.


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