YEP Says, November 6: Help put a stop to this cruel betrayal of our most vulnerable

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...and Christmas is coming, but first an apology

The West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service is warning people to be on the alert for rogue traders – those particularly unpleasant members of society who choose the most vulnerable in our communities as their victims.

Through a new ‘Nominated Neighbours’ scheme, the organisation suggests elderly and vulnerable people appoint someone in their community to act on their behalf when tradespeople come calling, reducing the risk of them falling into the clutches of a smooth-talking conman.

It’s a great initiative. But sadly it comes all too late for the 74-year-old woman featured on our front page today who was fleeced out of £7,000 by a man who saw her as an easy target after carrying out building work at her home.

What a piece of work James Midgley is, now serving a two-year sentence at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for his crime. The woman had employed Midgley to do work around the house and she gave him her bank card and pin number to buy materials for the work. A misplaced trust on her part, but how was she to suspect she would be so cruelly betrayed?

Midgley, clearly a man with no conscience whatsoever, copied her house key and then sneaked into her home on more than 20 occasions, each time taking the card from her handbag and using it to withdraw money at a cash machine nearby.

He has time on his hands to consider his actions. In the meantime we should all do what we can to ensure our friends and neighbours are protected.

And remember, if you or someone you know has been a victim of doorstep crime make sure you report it to police and Trading Standards on 03454 040506.

Christmas is coming, but first an apology

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