YEP Says, November 27: How can we prevent youngsters accessing adult content online?

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...and Kev’s a class act as he picks up special gong

RESPONSIBLE parents are rightly concerned about their children’s access to unsuitable online content.

Yet while many go to great lengths to keep tabs on their browsing at home, they would be forgiven for thinking that they can rest easy when youngsters are at school.

Not so, according to a study by Daisy Group that shows one in six children have accessed adult material in their classrooms.

This raises a number of questions that parents will want answered. How much supervision are pupils given when they are using school computers? Are there adequate safeguards in place such as filters and controls that prevent students finding their way to sites that are inappropriate for their age?

However, it would be wrong to lay all the blame for this at the door of schools or teachers. The fact is that each new generation is more computer literate than the one before and more adept at circumventing security measures put in place for their own safety.

And this is a question of safety as well as shielding children from the worst excesses of the net. It was only recently that the YEP was revealing how Leeds primary school pupils were sent an indecent image by an adult posing as a child online.

Perhaps the only answer is for teachers to become just as internet savvy as those youngsters who they – and their parents – are so desperate to keep safe.

Kev’s a class act as he picks up special gong

ARISE Sir Kev. Welll, not quite. At least not yet.

But inspirational Leeds Rhinos skipper Kevin Sinfield is at least a step closer to living up to his terrace nickname after receiving a well-deserved MBE from Prince William.

It is just reward for the man who has been such a driving force behind the Rhinos’ incredible success over the last decade.

Typically, Kevin dedicated his gong to the club and all those who have played a part in its success, paying tribute to his fellow players, the staff and, of course, the Headingley faithful.

A class act – on and off the pitch.

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