YEP Says (Nov 9) : Sing your hearts out for a great healthy cause

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​Heart disease is the biggest killer of people in West Yorkshire putting huge burdens on our health services and emotional stress on families.

It is one of the biggest expenses for our health service, too, and without fundraising for equipment such as scanners, we just would not be able to cope with the demand for treatment.

Which is why we are today backing a healthy heart campaign to help raise money for Heart Research UK.

There is a fun element to what we are calling for. The old stereotype of people getting into a shower or bath and opening their lungs for a good old song is still true today.

It just shows people do like singing. So we are urging people, friends, schools, work colleagues to get together and have a good old sing song.

Not only is it proven to be good for your heart, it actually forges a sense of togetherness, whether that be in the community or the workplace.

And what better time to do this than in the run-up to Christmas.

So if anyone is feeling the least bit self-conscious or embarrassed, then there is always carol singing.

By raising money, everyone will help the likes of little Imogen whose life was 
saved because of a scanner bought by fundraisers.​

Paying tribute to our fallen

The two world wars claimed the lives of millions of people, most poignantly of those who were barely old enough or strong enough to carry a rifle.

The youthfulness of those who serve our country never fails to shock, and the tribute to 21-year-old Wayne Bland only serves to remind us that young people are still dying serving our country.

Leeds stood in silent tribute yesterday to the fallen. It is an annual ceremony we should always observe.