YEP says: No surprise that Leeds NHS staff are under stress

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IT will come as no surprise to anyone who has spent time in a hospital recently, to read that healthcare workers in Leeds are under increasing mental stress.

The YEP has looked at the sickness records across the NHS from their own stats, and discovered that at least 15% of sick days are attributed to people having stress or anxiety problems.

This should be of concern to us all.

Our #speakyourmind campaign this year focuses on mental health in the workplace. You would expect a health service to pay particular notice when its staff were ill, and whilst it is welcome to hear that “addressing mental health issues in NHS workplaces, including stress and anxiety, is therefore essential”, it really is something which we would expect the NHS to take a lead on, for other employers to follow.

Staff working for the NHS have emotionally, mentally and physically demanding roles. For most of us making a mistake at work means we feel silly, we have to correct something, or money or time is lost - in the NHS making a mistake can be life-altering for the patient.

When we think we’ve had a bad day at the office we should really spend 12 hours in A&E, or in an operating theatre watching the raw horror of trying to save a life.

This is just one reason why we have launched our We Love our NHS community campaign so please get in touch to tell us who you think deserves some love for what they do.

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