YEP says: Nanny state or common courtesy - you decide

Have your say

THERe are few things more likely to get people’s blood boiling than a debate about dog mess or smoking. So there should be plenty of responses to Leeds City Council’s call for your views on whether or not to create stricter dog control rules and ban smoking in our city’s play areas.

Whether you’re a dog-lover or not you’ll have had moments when you’ve seen the most appalling behaviour from a dog - although the blame inevitably lies with the animal’s owner.

Having a kickabout is impossible without a ritual mine-sweep for stray dog poops.

Our parks are there for recreation and relaxation - and exercising a dog on a playing field is a pleasant pastime enjoyed by many. Unfriendly dogs need to be kept on a lead, and dog mess needs cleaning up. End of debate.

Surely dog control and hygiene, like not smoking close to other people, should be part of common sense and common courtesy in the great outdoors and should not need to be set out in rules and regulations?

The people of Leeds will have their say, and no doubt the majority will conclude that people shouldn’t smoke near kids and dog owners should scoop their pet’s poop.

A question back to Leeds CC will be who will enforce the rules? Are you bringing back the parkie or will this just result in a few new signs to be ignored by anyone who hasn’t got the decency to do the right thing in the first place?