YEP Says, May 22: Heartless conwoman does not deserve to be released early

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Justice system must send out strong message for those who prey on vulnerable.

FOR callous exploitation of the elderly and vulnerable, it would be hard to beat the ruthless targeting of a stroke-bound victim by conwoman Leanne Mitchell.

Mitchell gained access to the 68-year-old’s Leeds flat and said she was a police officer investigating inappropriate behaviour involving children on computers.

When she was spotted stealing his wallet, she told her victim she needed to check if his bank card had been used to pay for any indecent images, noting down his PIN number from a notice board.

In court, Mitchell claimed that she had no recollection of what had happened because of the drugs she had taken. This, of course, is utter nonsense. This was a calculated and callous crime during which Mitchell knew exactly what she was doing at every wicked turn.

Such offences highlight the risks facing those vulnerable older people who live alone and are susceptible to those who have no compunction about preying on them.

So it’s vital that the courts send out a strong message that such crime is treated seriously.

Yet Mitchell was handed a four-year sentence, raising the prospect of her being free in just two years.

Is that really an adequate deterrent to those who would follow in her footsteps?

Let’s honour airmen who perished in war

WHILE the sacrifices made by those who fought and died in the trenches of the Great War is often acknowledged, the role of Britain’s airmen is less well-known.

So it was timely that a pair of First World War bi-planes landed in Leeds yesterday as part of the city’s commemorations of the conflict’s centenary.

In 1914 Britain went to war with 113 aeroplanes and by the end had over 4,000, many built here in Leeds by the Blackburn Aircraft Company.

We should not only remember those who died in the trenches, but the thousands who gave their lives in the skies above war-torn Europe too.

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