YEP Says, March 5: Lily isn’t the only pensioner being let down by the system

Lily Latham
Lily Latham
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Elderly care has been “stripped to the bone”.

IT’S often said that a society should be judged on how it treats its old. If that’s so, the ordeal endured by Leeds pensioner Lily Latham suggests we’re falling a long way short of the mark.

The disabled 88-year-old was left stuck in bed for 15 hours because of failures in her home care. She was found sobbing the next morning having been unable to get out of bed to use the toilet or get a drink.

After the YEP intervened, Leeds City Council and the private home care firm involved launched an investigation into this and a number of other problems.

But Lily isn’t the only pensioner being failed by an elderly care system that charity Age UK warns has been “stripped to the bone” and in which funding cannot keep up with demand.

Many elderly people have been forced to sell their homes to pay for the cost of their care – yet still receive a service that isn’t up to scratch.

While there are many carers who go the extra mile, on too many occasions there is a sense that the system as a whole is designed more in the interests of the carers rather than those in their care.

The question those with the power to change this must ask themselves is whether they would wish one of their own relatives to go through what Lily has.

Doubtless they wouldn’t – but too often our most vulnerable are being treated as mere numbers on a spreadsheet. And that’s simply unacceptable.

When it comes to road works, three’s a crowd

THE announcement of road improvements would normally be welcomed by motorists who recognise that the long-term benefits outweigh any short-term disruption.

But when work on three nearby roundabouts is scheduled to take place at the same time, even the most laid-back drivers start getting hot under the collar.

Council bosses say the work on Thornbury Barracks, Rodley and Horsforth roundabouts has to be carried out simultaneously because of cost issues and the need to spend the money by a set date.

It may sound reasonable to them, but chances are local motorists will take a very different view.

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