YEP Says, March 4: How many are slipping through the care net?

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...and fully booked on the region’s trains

IT is said that a society should be judged by the compassion it shows to its most vulnerable. Yet time and again we are failing our elderly in what amounts to a scandalous betrayal.

John Makin, who has dementia, is alleged to have been the subject of an appalling catalogue of neglect by private home carers and those employed by the council.

It’s claimed that dirty bedsheets went unwashed. Vital hospital appointments – to which he should have been accompanied – were missed.

His neighbour Tracey O’Shea claims his weight plummeted because he was wearing the wrong size dentures and his carers failed to get him the urgent dental care he needed.

Like councils across the country, Leeds has insisted that the move away from state-run residential care homes with the elderly now being cared for in their own homes.

Given our ageing population, this has to be the common sense approach. However, it must not be at the cost of people’s dignity or wellbeing – which too often seems to be the case.

John Makin has been failed by the system put in place to look after him. Betrayed by substandard care that he pays up to £17 an hour to receive. In this instance, someone was able to speak up for him by getting the YEP involved, but how many others are simply slipping through the net?

Fully booked on the region’s trains

TO tie in with tomorrow’s World Book Day, local transport chiefs are encouraging passengers to leave books in bus and train stations across West Yorkshire.

It’s not a bad idea – and it’s been backed by Leeds literary luminaries such as Alan Bennett and Barbara Taylor Bradford.

However, some will no doubt be tempted to suggest why such an initiative is particularly suitable for West Yorkshire.

Given the record and repuation of local train operators, for instance, passengers should have plenty of time to read their books. Provided, of course, that they can find a seat in which to settle down with them.