YEP Says, March 31: Society owes Sabina proper punishment for her attackers

Sabina Harrison, 78, after she was mugged.
Sabina Harrison, 78, after she was mugged.
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Grandmother’s appalling injuries after bag snatch.

SOME crimes defy belief. And the brutal mugging of pensioner Sabina Harrison fits firmly into that category.

The 78-year-old was attacked as she walked in Harehills, a gang of four thugs grabbing her handbag.

As they snatched the bag from her shoulder, Sabina fell to the ground and hit her head.

The shocking picture in today’s YEP shows the result. Her left eye swollen shut, cuts to her cheek and bruising across her face and neck, it’s an appalling sight.

Such images make you wonder how those responsible for Sabina’s state would feel if it was their grandmother that this had happened to and not some random stranger.

Sadly such crimes, especially those that happen in broad daylight like this one, will inevitably lead to fears for personal safety – particularly among the elderly.

But it’s important to stress that violent crime in Leeds is falling. Last year the city was named in the top five in a ranking of the most peaceful urban areas in the country.

That does not mean, of course, that incidents such as this – however isolated – should be tolerated.

Those responsible for this sickening attack must be hunted down and then given tough punishments that fit their crime.

Society owes Sabina that much at least.

Pop stars sending out the wrong message

THE rise of the raunchy pop video is making millions for the likes of Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

But it’s impressionable youngsters who are left to pay the price.

It’s not about being a prude or spoilsport. The messages these videos send out to young girls have the potential to cause huge issues when it comes to their body image.

So the efforts of youngsters in Leeds to trigger a change in thinking are to be applauded.

Children should feel comfortable with how they look – and feel confident they will be judged on their talent, not their looks.


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