YEP Says, March 3: It’s time to tap into the buzz of the Tour and get on our bikes

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Let’s make sure this once in a lifetime event leaves a legacy.

WITH just over 120 days to go until one of the world’s biggest sporting events arrives in Leeds, we today launch our first major campaign celebrating the Tour De France’s visit to Yorkshire.

It would be a huge missed opportunity if this once in a lifetime event didn’t leave behind some kind of legacy.

Leeds City Council and Welcome to Yorkshire are both determined to make sure it does – and so are we.

That’s why we’re launching our Let’s Get Cycling campaign, which aims to use the Grand Depart as a catalyst for encouraging more people to get on their bikes.

You don’t have to be Sir Bradley Wiggins or clad head to toe in lycra to dust down your old bike, or even invest in a new one, and hit the streets.

Cycling is suitable for just about all ages, helps you lose weight, reduces stress and improves your fitness.

It’s also one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your daily routine because it’s also a form of transport. It saves you money, gets you fit and is good for the environment.

Having the Tour in Leeds is a huge coup for the city, but there is a chance to ensure that its benefits last far beyond the two days it’s in our region.

With Leeds investing £30m in a so-called super cycleway, there is no better time to get on our bikes and on the path to better health and cheaper transport.

Trolleybus debate is set to run and run

There was speculation that the proposal of an improved bus service put forward by First could give rise to second thoughts over trolleybus.

But the city’s transport bosses are staying firmly behind the project – and given how far down the line they are with it, that’s hardly surprising.

Yet they also maintain that trolleybus is the best solution to Leeds’s transport problem – or certainly the best one for the money available.

Over the course of the forthcoming public inquiry that argument will be put to the test. But if the scheme’s merits are as compelling as they claim, it’s an opportunity to win over the doubters.

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