YEP Says, March 27: Error of judgement on drug driver who rammed police car

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Lack of a custodial sentence sends out the wrong message.

IT has taken decades for drink driving to finally be treated with the seriousness it warrants, yet driving while under the influence of drugs offers just as much potential for tragedy.

Some may think, then, that Tyson Brennan should consider himself extremely fortunate not to be behind bars today.

Brennan, from Chapeltown, deliberately rammed an unmarked police car, telling officers who arrested him: “I’m sorry, I’m high on cocaine.”

Not only that but he was also in possession of the drug, tested positive for cannabis, was driving his employer’s car without permission and didn’t have any insurance.

Yet instead of being sent to prison over an incident that could so easily have resulted in serious injury to others, Brennan has instead been given the equivalent of a slapped wrist – a 12-month community order and driving ban.

What sort of message does this send out to those reckless enough to get behind the wheel when they have taken drugs? Not only that, but is it really credible for someone who drove at speed at a police car to retain their liberty?

Such decisions lead right-thinking people to wonder if the judicial system has lost the plot. They also do nothing to dissuade others from driving while in no fit state to do so, endangering the lives of others.

How you can follow in hero Kayne’s footsteps

IF ever there was proof that learning first aid skills can save lives it’s the story of young Kayne Holden.

Using tips he’d picked up just days before, the nine-year-old came to his mum Cherie’s rescue when she choked on a pea.

Kayne was honoured along with Cody Hartley, who’s campaigning to have defibrillators installed in schools, at the Everyday Hero Awards in London.

His heroics show why the YEP has teamed up with St John Ambulance to teach first aid to 500 people as part of our First Aid For All campaign.

It’s still not too late to sign up – and give yourself the chance to save the life of someone you love.

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