YEP says: Let’s bring more people to Roundhay Park, but what about the traffic and the litter they bring with them?

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parks are a city’s green lungs, but they are also one of its most valuable assets and Roundhay Park is no exception.

As well as attracting families, joggers, dog walkers and picnic-makers from Leeds and the surrounding area it is also used as a venue for large-scale events, and that means financially it is also an asset to the city.

Now Leeds City Council wants to increase capacity in the grounds for such large events to almost 80,000, dwarfing its current capacity of just under 20,000.

But it’s not just about the money. This would mean greater kudos for Leeds as an outdoor venue which would put it on a par with the likes of London’s Twickenham Stadium and the Reading Festival and Old Trafford football ground in Manchester. Some huge names have already played Rounday park, such as Bruce Springsteen in 1985 and the Rolling Stones in 1982. Later this year Ed Sheeran will play two consecutive nights there.

This aspiration to be a leading UK venue would certainly put the city on the map and bring in revenue but the council must also ensure the infrastructure will be there to cope with the increased traffic around those roads and the clear-up operation afterwards to ensure Roundhay Park remains the accessible, enjoyable facility it is now.

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