YEP Says: Leeds trolleybus? For pity’s - and city’s - sake, get a move on minister

NGT trolleybus images'' City Square 1 - v2
NGT trolleybus images'' City Square 1 - v2
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To say the clock is ticking is an understatement. And frankly, we’ve all had enough.

Every day that Leeds doesn’t hear the outcome of it’s long and tortuous trolleybus inquiry is another day the city flounders with no public transport strategy to speak of.

Ministers were at one stage expected to decide the fate of the controversial public transport scheme at the end of last year, or perhaps the start of this one.

But, to the mounting frustration of many in the city, there has been no sign of an announcement being made.

We’re a city in the dark. Worse, we’re a city in limbo - uunable to move in one direction or another until the report leaps off some Westminster desk and finally lands in the public domain. Whether the Trolleybus project is right or wrong is almost beside the point. Undoubtedlyt the city is split: some argue it’s better than nothing - but is better than nothing really what our city should be aiming for? Others are downright against it. But if not this, then what?

If it doesn’t happen we face more decades of planning, talking, talking and planning before the next project reaches fruition. Or doesn’t.

The Department of Transport has had the inquiry report since summer last year. For pity’s sake get a move on so the city can at least start to work out how it’ll do the same.