YEP says: Leeds needs to shout about the likes of Channel 4

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It must be the worst-kept secret in Leeds - Channel Four look set to make new offices in the former Majestic building their home in the city.

Ever since it was announced staff from Channel 4 would be moving to Leeds there has been speculation about where they will have their offices. Both this former nightclub in City Square and offices in the city’s South Bank were tipped as hot favourites.

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Choosing the South Bank area would have been a great boost to this burgeoning part of the city but we should welcome the fact that they have chosen somewhere as central as The Majestic, bang opposite the station. It makes a statement, at least it will make a statement if there is a sign that Channel 4 is there behind the facade.

Leeds is home to a lot of high-profile businesses - including the likes of Google and Sky - big national and international concerns which would tell visitors and future investors that Leeds is somewhere they should want to be.

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But when their staff sit anonymous, behind the glass and concrete of office blocks, with little or no signage to trumpet their presence, it is surely a missed opportunity for Leeds?

There must be a way to showcase the businesses we have here without making the city a mass of conflicting signage. The challenge is out there, but who will take it on?