YEP says: Leeds bin collection service just “not good enough”

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There are few things which will wind up the council tax payer more than not getting their basic services.

nd let’s face it, having the bins emptied is one of those basic services.

With a fortnightly collection, a missed bin means you’ve got a month’s worth of rubbish hanging around - and that’s creating a bit of a stink with the issue now coming under the noses of the scrutiny panel.

And it seems there’s not just the main problem of missed bins, but something of a postcode lottery to address too.

Conservative councillor Paul Wadsworth, the group’s spokesman for environmental services, said: “The figures since 2015 make for grim reading: 58,878 reports of missed bins represents thousands of households left frustrated and inconvenienced by the council’s performance.

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“There is also great inconsistency across the city, with some wards reporting under 200 missed collections over the course of a year, whilst other wards show well over 1,000. Many would consider that degree of disparity to amount to a postcode lottery.”

In the context of how many bins are duly emptied as promised it’s not a bad record.

But it’s one of those situations where if you’re in the 0.1% it’s a big deal.

As Coun Mark Dobson says “This is not good enough.”

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