YEP Says: Learning to with the sinister side of the internet

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for most people, the internet is an overwhelming force for good. It enables people to stay in touch with everything from friends to world events.

But there is a sinister side to it, too, as a cyber crime chat by West Yorkshire Police revealed.

Online harassment, the sharing of nude pictures by an ex-boyfriend and blackmail by a work colleague were all concerns which members of the public raised with police.

They highlight the darker side of social media which can have a devastating effect on those targeted.

Police say it should not be underestimated because it can decimate careers and lives, and in extreme cases, lead to deaths.

The police are right to raise awareness because the solution to many of these problems can be found in education. People need to protect themselves online to protect themselves against abuse, cheats, conmen and scammers.

And the police need to take seriously concerns raised by victims of such offences.

The police say people should think about whether an image they planned to post was one that they would be happy for anyone, including a potential employer, to see.

That is true. People should protect themselves and the police need to learn to take action where appropriate, too.