YEP Says, June 27: Tunuisia murders are an attack on the liberty of us all

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They went seeking sun, sea, sand and relaxation.

They went seeking sun, sea, sand and relaxation.

And now some of them will never be coming home.

No-one can fail to have been shocked by the horrific events that occurred in Tunisia yesterday.

Even though the West has become accustomed to terrorist attacks perpetuated by depraved militants, the pre-meditated attack on defenceless holidaymakers could not have been more sickening.

Though the full, horrific details are still emerging, the harrowing accounts of those British tourists who fled the bloodshed must surely have resonance with all – these were innocent families relaxing in the sun when confronted by the very worst of mankind.

No passage of the Koran, or any other religious teaching, justifies the barbarity that was unleashed against the softest of soft targets by bloodthirsty terrorists.

If those responsible believe they will deter Britons from going on holiday, they are even more deluded – this country (indeed, our own city) was resolute in its response to the July 7 suicide bombings a decade ago and such steadfastness is the only response to such tragedies.

This will be even more critical if these outrages, and a separate incident in Kuwait, are linked to the proclamation of an ‘Islamic State’ on June 29 last year by jihadists who despise Western values.

For, while Isis forces have been contained of late in Syria and Iraq, they – and their acolytes – still pose a threat to liberty of all.

Yet, while international leaders like David Cameron were united in their condemnation, this solidarity needs to extend beyond the aftermath of such atrocities.

There must be a redoubling of efforts to not only neutralise those extremists wreaking havoc in the Middle East, but also to silence those radicals who have been poisoning young minds with a twisted ideology.

The time has now come for Mr Cameron to seek more common ground with all those nations on the front line in this struggle to uphold, and protect, civilised values.

He owes this to the latest victims.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those injured and to the families of all those who died.