YEP Says, June 25: Simple courtesy that could go a long way to improving care

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...and it’s the vinyl curtain for pair at iconic city record shop.

ONE of the many deeply concerning findings that emerged from the Mid Staffordshire hospitals scandal was the non-existent relationship between health staff and the patients in their care.

So the #hellomynameis campaign launched by Dr Kate Granger is a welcome dose of common sense.

The idea is that all medical staff should be encouraged to introduce themselves to their patients.

Kate, who has incurable cancer, came up with it during her own treatment and thinks, quite rightly, that it can help build important bonds and lead to greater empathy and compassion for patients.

It’s been praised by the Health Secretary and hailed by the Government as an example of good practice, while hospitals as far afield as America and Australia have taken it on board.

Now the hope must be that every hospital in this country also embraces the concept – not as a gimmick, which is certainly not Kate’s intention, but as a meaningful move toward better interaction with patients.

Not only does the simple common courtesy of introducing yourself to your patient give them reassurance and a point of contact, but it must also encourage health workers to see them as individuals, not just numbers on a spreadsheet.

And, in turn, that can only help drive up the standards of care they deliver.

The vinyl curtain for pair at iconic city record shop

ONCE described as the ‘musical heartbeat of Leeds’, Jumbo Records is a city institution.

The shop, which has been a mecca for music lovers since 1971, was opened by Hunter Smith, who in the early days could be found selling soul and reggae records from a tiny room in the Queens Arcade.

Now he and wife Lornette, the twin driving force behind the shop’s success, are calling it a day. Jumbo will continue, but it’s truly the end of an era.

The couple’s passion for the records they have sold has given a lot of people a lot of joy down the years.

So we wish Hunter and Lornette well for the future ...and say thank you for the music.

Samuel Saiz.

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