YEP Says (June 25): Important questions that must be posed over city trolleybus

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Though the need to secure a long overdue modern transport system for Leeds is well-established, the case for the proposed solution is far less clear-cut.

It would be fair to say that the trolleybus network is not without its critics. It would also be no exaggeration to suggest that they may well outnumber its supporters.

That is why it is vital that today’s special planning meeting tasked with looking at the scheme subjects it to the closest possible scrutiny.

Each of the eight sections of the near nine-mile route will be discussed, with panel members hearing the views of supporters and objectors alike in order to help councillors decide if the plans can, or should, be “tweaked”.

It is important too that the figures that have been quoted in reference to trolleybus are given a rigorous examination.

We have been told that the network could generate 4,000 long-term jobs in and around Leeds, while boosting the local economy by some £160m every year. If those figures are shown to be realistic then the case for trolleybus is strengthened.

Few, let alone Leeds City Council, would suggest that the scheme is the perfect solution to the city’s transport problems. But if the public is to embrace trolleybus – and use it – then the case for it being the next best thing must now be proven.