YEP Says, June 24: Brave Hugh shows that it’s never too late to secure justice

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...and how Leeds already said ‘no’ to its own Boris.

BRINGING criminals to justice can be an extremely difficult task – particularly when the crimes they have committed date from decades ago.

Of these historic cases, those involving sexual assault often represent the biggest challenge owing to a lack of forensic and corroborative evidence.

So credit should go to the legal team whose work helped to secure a conviction against disgraced former Boys’ Brigade captain Malcolm Healey.

The 84-year-old has been jailed for two years after he admitted carrying out a string of indecent assaults on Hugh Norton, starting when his victim was just 10.

Mr Norton, now 67, has shown enormous courage to finally confront his demons after suffering in silence for so long.

Speaking in today’s YEP, he tells how the abuse by Healey, who was widely seen as a pillar of the local community, blighted his life.

It is to be hoped that he can now enjoy his remaining years free of the “guilt and shame” that he says have consumed him for over half a century.

The ordeal he was subjected to amounted to the ultimate betrayal of trust and it is right that his tormentor is punished and his crimes exposed – however difficult that must be for his friends and family to accept.

It is to be hoped too that this case shows others that it’s never too late to win justice for past crimes.

Sorry George, we said we didn’t want a Boris

CHANCELLOR George Osborne suggests Leeds should have its own Boris Johnson.

He promises there will be ‘serious’ money made available for cities which opt for elected mayors.

The only problem is that Leeds was given the chance to have its own Boris two years ago – and two-thirds of people voted against it.

Despite this democratic show of indifference, the Government seems intent on foisting elected mayors on us, resorting to what is effectively bribery.

But why shouldn’t Leeds be entitled to the level of investment George Osborne talks about with or without its very own Boris?

First buses.

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