YEP Says, June 22: Costly risks of driving straight down the middle

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Go on, you’ve done it. Admit it.

Go on, you’ve done it. Admit it.

Even though most motorists have an inflated opinion of their driving skills, most will have been guilty at some point of ‘lane hogging’. Yet, while these instances were, in all probability, temporary aberrations, such inconsiderate behaviour is on the rise and West Yorkshire Police should be commended for the landmark prosecution of a van driver who refused to budge from the middle lane of the M62.

Although ignorance is not an offence, standards will only improve if the police enforce the Highway Code – the middle and outside lanes of motorway are designated for overtaking purposes only and the growing tendency of drivers to go on autopilot and cruise control has led to impatient individuals putting the safety of all road users at risk by undertaking, a dangerous manoeuvre at the best of times.

This is another reminder that enforcement of existing laws is critical if drivers, and ‘lane hoggers’ in particular, are to become more considerate.

Of course there’s always a counter argument - ‘haven’t the police got better things to do do?’ etc etc. But who knows what catastophe will now NOT happen thanks to the publicity following the conviction of this driver who liked his driving like Bing Crosby liked his golf: ‘straight down the middle’.

Celebrating our Forces with pride

There’s no doubt the people of Leeds will rise to the occasion and do the city proud this coming Armed Forces Day.

While the focus of November 11 is solemnity, poignancy, reflection and remembrance, the tone of Armed Forces Day is more celebratory in tone; there’s pride and patriotism - without jingoism - but above all there’s gratitude, immense gratitude. It’s a chance for us all to say thank you to the men and women who have signed up to risk their lives and protect our country, from currently serving troops to Service families, veterans and cadets. It’s for them and their families that we should all turn out on Saturday and wave our flags with pride.