YEP Says, June 17: Time for strong measures to tackle dangerous dogs

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Leeds mum Emma’s tragic death underlines the need for action.

THE tragic death of mum-of-four Emma Bennett once again brings the issue of dangerous dogs into the spotlight.

The 27-year-old was mauled to death last December by the two dogs kept by her boyfriend Lee Horner at their Leeds home.

It’s thought Emma – who was pregnant – may have suffered an epileptic fit which could have led the animals to see her as prey.

The dogs in question were subsequently found to be banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Horner has admitted keeping them but says he wasn’t aware they were a banned breed. He is due to be sentenced at a later date.

Nothing will bring Emma back – but at least the Government has now reacted to growing calls for tighter controls in response to the threat posed by those who keep prohibited animals.

From next year, ­irresponsible owners could face up to two years in jail if their pets attack on private property.

The law change has been backed by Emma’s brother David, who believes that whether it’s private property or not, you should still be responsible for your pet’s actions. Every right-thinking person will agree.

Not every dog is a potential killer, but where there is significant risk there must be proper safeguards in place, backed by stiff penalties.

Health workers going the extra mile

THE scandal at Mid Staffordshire which saw unnecessary patient deaths amid appalling levels of care must be a watershed moment for the NHS.

So it is heartening to hear that there are dedicated professionals in Leeds who are working so hard to restore public trust in the health service.

People like Kirsty Roberts, a newly-qualified nurse who has won an award for the compassion she shows in her care. Or Anne-Marie Kenney, recognised for innovative work which sees cancer patients receive their chemotherapy treatment quicker.

They, and those colleagues who share similar levels of dedication to the job, make the NHS proud.

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