YEP Says, June 13: How Brazil could learn a thing or two from Tyke planning

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Tour preparations are firmly on track as countdown continues.

IN stark contrast to the chaotic scenes in Brazil as the country made last-minute preparations for last night’s World Cup kick-off, the planning for the Grand Départ is well and truly on track.

That’s the conclusion of the official ‘readiness report’ ahead of the iconic race’s visit to Yorkshire next month.

This glowing report is testament to the huge amount of effort that has already been put in by those organisations and individuals who are working round-the-clock to make it a massive success.

Having shocked the world by capturing the Grand Départ for Leeds and the first two stages for Yorkshire, it’s vital that we now show the city and region at its very best.

Not every detail will be perfect for everyone – as the letter opposite from frustrated Tour Maker Beverley Merry will testify.

But given the scale of planning required for such an event, it’s inevitable that there will be the odd glitch along the way.

The important thing is that with three weeks to go, plans for the race could not be more advanced.

There is still no room for complacency – managing the huge crowds expected to line the route will be a huge challenge – but as things stand the only unknown factor appears to be the great British weather.

And nobody can predict that.

Help put Eamonn’s attackers behind bars

WHAT has the world come to?

Pensioner Eamonn Durcan went to shut his outside gate and was pounced upon by two armed robbers.

They bundled the 80-year-old inside and pinned him down, holding a knife to his cheek as they ransacked his home.

The heartless thugs stole items including jewellery belonging to Eamonn’s late wife.

It’s important to remember such incidents are extremely rare. But we will all sleep sounder when this brutal gang is caught and put behind bars.

Anyone with information and a shred of decency must now come forward to help police do just that.

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