YEP Says, June 12: Our chance to thank those who keep us all safe

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SOME may think that the idea of an Armed Forces Day, which Leeds will mark with a major event later this month, is unnecessary.

After all, we pause every year on November 11 to remember those who fought with such courage for this country – not just in the two world wars, but in every conflict which has seen British involvement.

But it’s important to make the distinction between Armistice Day, which predominantly honours those who gave their lives to ensure our freedom in the face of tyranny, and an event which recognises those presently serving in our military.

It is right that we show our thanks to the soldiers, sailors and airmen who are ready to put their lives on the line to ensure our safety in today’s uncertain world.

That’s why it is to be hoped that the whole city gets behind the major free event planned for Saturday, June 27.

Taking place on Victoria Gardens and Cookridge Street, it will feature everything from a 1940s-themed majorettes show to displays of military hardware.

The 4th Yorkshire Battlion The Yorkshire Regiment will also parade through the city’s streets and deserve to be given a heroes’ reception.

We owe a great deal to the men and women of our armed forces – this is our chance to say thank you.

Rolling out the city’s welcome mat

JUST as we’re well within our rights to complain when the standard of service we receive doesn’t meet our expectations, it’s only fair that we recognise when people go above and byond the call of duty.

That’s why the YEP once again backed this year’s The Leeds Hotels and Venues Association’s awards.

These gongs celebrate the best in service from over 30 hotels and venues across the city, businesses which bring so much to Leeds in terms of jobs, boosting the local economy and ensuring people have such a great time they tell their friends to pay us a visit. Well done to this year’s crop of deserving winners.