YEP Says, June 11: World Cup raises curtain on sporting summer to remember

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Football fever set to kick in.

WHILE England have travelled to previous World Cups with the expectations of millions resting heavy on their shoulders, this time the nation’s hopes are rather more realistic.

But when the world’s biggest sporting event gets under way in Brazil tomorrow, it will still be the cue for a month-long feast of football that is guaranteed to deliver excitement and nerve-shredding tension in equal measure.

You can gear up for the action with today’s free World Cup guide in the YEP. And for non-fans we’re even offering daily suggestions on alternatives to the football.

Meanwhile, Leeds is set to embrace the World Cup fever in spectacular fashion.

Thousands will pack Millennium Square to watch key England matches on the big screen, with the city’s pubs, bars and restaurants lining up special deals and events linked to the games.

The World Cup is unique in its capacity for bringing the country together, those hug-a-stranger moments in the pub as the country unites in support of the team.

But even if England don’t manage to pull off a miracle in Brazil, it’s good to know that the sporting summer is only just getting started.

And if our footballers don’t emerge triumphant in Rio, at least Leeds and Yorkshire are set to be winners when the world’s greatest cycle race arrives on July 5.

Another hit for drivers or a fair deterrent?

THE decision to quadruple the maximum fine for speeding on the motorway to £10,000 – along with tougher penalties for using a mobile phone at the wheel – is sure to split opinion.

Many will agree with West Yorkshire road safety charity Brake, which has welcomed the step, saying that five people a day die on the nation’s roads and there needs to be a deterrent.

On the other hand, there will be many motorists who believe this is yet another example of the Government treating them as a cash cow.

Perhaps the best way of looking at it is that if you don’t do anything wrong, you won’t be affected.

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